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Post  Shayvon Booker on Tue May 28, 2013 3:41 am

Kontrell Booker. Melvin+Spencer

Kontrell is known as Shayvon's father, he has been a resident of Jefferson since around 2001. He's known to be loosely affiliated with local drug dealers and sometimes sells teenagers marijuana from his own personal stash if they beg too much. Kontrell often gives a no-care attitude toward most of the community including his son Shayvon, often praising the kids when they do bad or move out of their comfort zone.

RP with him as you wish so long as you notify me. If you do decide to NPC him, keep in mind he's not a push-over and usually doesn't give a single fuck about what people are doing and will often help out with the purchasing of items such as drugs and alcohol.

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